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  • I write my own tune…. September 17, 2017
      It has taken many years, much yoga practice and constant self-enquiry to live by the creed ‘I write my own tune’ and to understand how irrelevant and unimportant other’s judgments of me are….. I don’t focus upon other’s opinions … Continue reading →
  • With all my heart……. August 27, 2017
    It is said that the people we have in our lives are here for a ‘reason, a season or lifetime’.  This expression rings so true to me.  Many have left my life whether by death or circumstance and at times … Continue reading →
  • Planting Seeds…….. July 30, 2017
    No doubt you know those who are often or always looking on the negative side. Always complaining. Always anxious. Often dramatic. Nervous. Full of doom. Ruled by the negative stories in their head. Owning pain. And using their pain as … Continue reading →
  • Differing but the Same July 10, 2017
    One day I was walking with a friend, and as we passed a man living on the street, she exclaimed ‘what a loser’.  She shocked me and it saddened me deeply….that anyone, anyone on this earth, would consider this term … Continue reading →
  • Peace is Calling……. October 5, 2016
      Peace is calling. Peace is always calling me. Sometimes I hear its beckoning but move on oblivious to its imploring plea. Sometimes I simply stand still and feel its presence, time and thought suspended, heart gently pulsing, hearing the … Continue reading →
  • ‘Being’ March 31, 2016
         ‘Being’ – As I look back, I realized that even as young as 7 years of age, I would crave to find a place where I could be ‘quiet’ so that I could be still and listen to … Continue reading →