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  • Differing but the Same July 10, 2017
    One day I was walking with a friend, and as we passed a man living on the street, she exclaimed ‘what a loser’.  She shocked me and it saddened me deeply….that anyone, anyone on this earth, would consider this term … Continue reading →
  • Peace is Calling……. October 5, 2016
      Peace is calling. Peace is always calling me. Sometimes I hear its beckoning but move on oblivious to its imploring plea. Sometimes I simply stand still and feel its presence, time and thought suspended, heart gently pulsing, hearing the … Continue reading →
  • ‘Being’ March 31, 2016
         ‘Being’ – As I look back, I realized that even as young as 7 years of age, I would crave to find a place where I could be ‘quiet’ so that I could be still and listen to … Continue reading →
  • Why Am I Here? Pt.1 May 29, 2014
    As a yoga teacher, I was privileged to study at the feet of the master, Shanti Gowans. One of the very first assignments I received from her was simply entitled ‘The Path to Self’. It had to be so many … Continue reading →
  • Is there such a thing as Karmic Irony? May 14, 2014
    ‘O’ Oprah’s Magazine – February 2014 I was once taught that life deals its cards in mysterious ways. Sometimes you are dealt an ACE and sometimes you are dealt a JOKER. Well since I have been following my passion teaching … Continue reading →
  • Creating an Innovation Mindset December 5, 2013
    I have just returned from three weeks in India. There is nothing like travel, a new environment and a break from normal routine to challenge our thinking and create a mindset. India assailed my senses and my preconceived ideas. What … Continue reading →