are deep relaxation sessions for you?

Are Deep Relaxation Classes (Yoga Nidra) for you?

• Are you sometimes anxious, confused, sluggish, irritable or edgy?
• Do you sleep?
• Have you lost your vitality?
• Do you freak out if you lose a sock or can’t find your keys?
• Do you experience any physical aches or pains?
• Are you so stiff that sometimes you can barely move?
• Do you worry?
• Perhaps you clutch on and never let go?
• Or, do you just keep running?

If ‘yes’ is the answer to any of these questions, then it is time for you to re-learn how to deeply relax. Many of us need to slow down and re-energise. Therefore, these sessions have been created for everyone, including those who are ill and require restorative relaxation.

It doesn’t matter what your fitness or flexibility levels are, nor whether you are slim or large, young or elderly – all you need to do is stop, lie down and rest!

This deep relaxation process is simple to learn and is an ideal precursor to learning how to meditate. “Letting go” is the key. A deep sense of peace is the result.

Release your anxiety and stress.

Allow us to show you how today.