what is yoga?

“What Is Yoga?”

The word “yoga” essentially means, “that which brings you to reality”.

So, no, it’s not the handstand, or being able to wrap your foot around your neck.

Yoga postures are not the aspiration.

Becoming flexible is not the objective.

Standing on your head is not the purpose.

Postures, (whilst they play a definite part in the overall practice), are perhaps a superficial aspect of this profound discipline of revealing the infinite potentials of the human mind and spirit.

Yoga creates space, so that you may become ‘unstuck’, disentangling from old tensions, beliefs, habits and structures.

Yoga unwraps the coatings of protection that you build around your heart, layer by layer by layer.

Yoga encourages you to value and respect your body; and to become aware of the games your mind plays, the stories it tells and the din it creates.

Yoga leads you to a deep, peaceful, insightful knowledge of how beautiful you are and how you are simply ‘enough’.

Yoga leads you to your ‘truth’.

Om Shanti

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