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CD – Śāntimarga – Path to Peace, Volume 1.

There are many paths to creating a serene, fulfilling and vibrant life. Santimarga, Volume 1, offers a series of deep relaxation practices to show the way. A collection of meditative philosophies and Yoga Nidra to release anxiety, stress and strain.

Be warm, comfortable, peaceful and quiet… then allow Annemaree’s voice to be the guide to your inner world.

There are four tracks. All designed to soothe and heal. Each explores how to capture the moment; expand the heart; quiet the mind and calm the body.

If you would like to purchase a ‘Santimarga’ CD in class, or would like to have a copy mailed to you, contact Annemaree on 0412 616 787 or enquire here.

You may also purchase directly through Paypal using this link and the CD will be mailed to you.

CD only $25 USD (Plus postage)

The postage fees within Australia are $9AUD and for international guests to this site $6USD.


Charmaine Delaney – Member of The Paleo Way

Thank you I have received my CD & love it! I enrolled with The Paleo Way & have completed the course & apart from the weight loss, I have also really enjoyed the benefits of the meditations. I listen to them every night just before bed & have found they help me to relax & assisted me in staying focused during the long days I work.

Thank's again from a big fan.