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Be Silent

Let Go

Open Palms

‘The Qualities of Humanity’.

This series of mindfulness/meditation practises is for all of ‘Humanity’ which includes everyone on this Earth!

The qualities are the attributes or conditions of being ‘humane’, such as the ability to love, to be kind, to be patient.

When we are fully ‘aware’ of these qualities in others and most importantly in ourselves; adhere to the ideals; and ‘abide’ by the values, we experience a more harmonious, purposeful and fulfilling life.

For example, imagine if we were all patient with one another? Or kind to everyone we met? Or stopped being hard on ourselves?

We create so much of our own emotional stress and strain. Imagine if we could detach for a little while and focus purely on the positive qualities that can enhance our life and guide us in a lighter, brighter direction?

These recordings are simply designed to slow you down, create awareness and to help you identify these virtues in yourself; a series of mindfulness practices to release anxiety, pain and strain to enrich each moment of your life.

Be warm, comfortable, peaceful and quiet... listen…practise…enjoy… and allow Annemaree's voice and words to be the catalysts in creating the person you wish to be… enter your new world.

There are many qualities and therefore there will be many tracks. All designed to soothe, heal and restore. Keep in touch!