hatha yoga

Is Hatha yoga for you?

• Do you need to be more flexible?
• Is your posture poor?
• Do you struggle taking a deep breath and slowing down?
• Do you experience headaches, insomnia, indigestion, back pain, anxiety or fatigue?

The Shanti Hatha Yoga method is gentle and soothing and at the same time very powerful. For much of the time your eyes are closed to eliminate outside distractions but whilst turning inwards you can also build strength and flexibility and increase energy levels.

Hatha Yoga classes include a series of simple physical movements to improve flexibility, build physical strength, promote better breathing, release emotional turmoil, build self-esteem and expand personal power.

Cool Calm & Collected yoga classes identify the ‘8 limbs of yoga’ and incorporate aspects such as "the postures" (physical movements), "the philosophy" and "deep relaxation".

You will lie on a soft-surface floor on a mat. Loose, comfortable clothing is preferable. A series of gentle yoga movements are practised to lengthen and strengthen the body and to cleanse the body by massaging all the major organs and glands.

Yoga is an internal practice and is unique to each individual. It teaches us to journey within; observe and understand who we are; and to live in harmony with ourselves, with everything and everyone.

Do you feel nervous about trying yoga?
Are you too anxious to go to a yoga class because you are not 'bendy' or coordinated and are fearful of appearing ridiculous?
Are you frightened of falling asleep or snoring?

You are not on your own!

Perhaps before you go any further you could read some excerpts from 'A Beginner's Journal' just so you can feel at ease and know that you and everyone else 'out there' feels pretty much the same.

And then, ask yourself these questions:

Would you like to be more:
• peaceful & purposeful
• flexible & straighter
• creative & entertaining
• happier & healthier

Yoga teaches us to journey within.

Allow us today to show you how.

Heartfelt thank you to Paul Rowley Photography for my beautiful photographs.