relaxation classes

Relaxation is not
something you ‘do’.
Relaxation is
something you ‘allow’.

Deep Relaxation Classes (known as Yoga Nidra) to manage stress, strain and pain. Relaxation is not something you ‘do’. Relaxation is something you ‘allow’.

Imagine that feeling of luxuriously drifting into and out of sleep when your body is warm, soft and relaxed; your mind ceases its frolicking about; and thoughts slowly dissipate into oblivion.

Imagine being able to call upon this sensation at any time, feeling as though you are floating 'On Cloud 9’ and yet, at the same time, remaining awake, perfectly alert and present.

This is not the same ‘relaxation’ as having a cup of tea or watching television which are only sensory diversions.

True relaxation is much deeper than this and is often referred to as Yoga Nidra, ‘the sleep of the yogi’. It is a state of deep and supreme relaxation, reached only by turning inwards and disconnecting from external experiences. It is a state between wakefulness and sleep. When relaxation is full, receptivity is greater. We can absorb so much more knowledge than when we are completely exposed to external stimuli.

Yoga Nidra is always included for 15 minutes at the conclusions of all Cool, Calm & Collected’s yoga classes. In addition, Yoga Nidra extended sessions (45 minutes - 1½ hours) are held throughout the year.

(General, One-on-one, In the Office, At Home, On Conference)

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