what is a retreat?

What is a Yoga Retreat?

Very simply, it is a period of time to truly ‘chill out’, reflect, learn and laugh.

Yoga in the morning, yoga in the evening. Rest and a few day-outings in between. Hatha & Yin Yoga. Mindfulness and meditation practises. Massages.
The aspiration is to be ‘still’.

So be prepared to ‘STOP’!

The criteria is simply this:
• The accommodation has to be beautiful
• The ambience soothing, quiet and warm
• The cuisine simple, seasonal and delicious… Al fresco dining when possible!
• The company fun-loving, like-minded and adventurous
• The music serene and mellow
(Bring some lovely books and your favourite music too)
• The yoga must be ‘do-able’ and restorative

When we slow down and still our minds, we become more aware of the beauty that abounds around us, as well as that which resides within us.

In other words you are to ‘be your lovely self’.

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