yoga for cancer

Yoga for Cancer

These gentle, gentle, restorative classes are for those who have recently been diagnosed, for those who are having treatment and for the friends/relatives of those going through what is for most - a tumultuous time!

It is also for those who have come through on the other side of their treatment but feel as though they are like ‘Alice’ falling into the ‘rabbit-hole’ of uncertainty and worry… what do I do next?

Based on the purely restorative aspects of Hatha Yoga, these sessions focus primarily on ways to alleviate anxiety, relax the body, steady the mind and share ideas, hope, and positive energy amongst your fellow travelers. We all know that connecting with others in a similar situation can provide a sense of safety, security and normality and help with the healing process.

Yoga can also help reduce the angst, fear and insomnia (that is often referred to as cancer-related fatigue) which can develop with the shock of diagnosis.

The classes include very gentle stretching, focusing on calming the body and mind through breath and deep relaxation (known as yoga Nidra). Nutritional guidance and self-support are part of the whole process too, as one must be both physically and emotionally well to deal with the journey.

We know that emotional pain can lead to physical pain and yoga’s gentle guided movements (asanas) can certainly assist with range of motion; improve circulation; release muscle tension and enhance self-esteem.

Feeling better… looking better... confronting life with courage and determination.

Deep breathing practices along with guided meditations can help let go of grief, fear and foreboding… ’neurons that fire together wire together'… regular sleeping patterns can be restored.

Be part of our yoga for cancer community… we welcome you with open arms and heart!
See timetable for sessions and locations.

Come and be nurtured and join our yoga for cancer community. Each session is very gentle. You do nothing really. Just lie down and hear my voice and allow your breath, body and mind to slow down and find some stillness and silence in amongst the mayhem of the cancer journey. Props are used (pillows, blankets, bolsters) and music is part of the sound-scape.

Be peaceful… FOR TWO 'WHOLE' HOURS

Next available dates:
When: T.B.A.
Where: The Beatt, Armadale.
Time: 1.00pm - 3.00pm

Fee: $65.00

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