bali, indonesia

‘A NOBLE HEART’ tour – Bali, Indonesia

When: Next departure dates to be advised.
(9 night, 10 days)

This all inclusive soothing holiday embraces:
The beautiful isle of Bali, a land of gentle souls; warm and welcoming faces; magical environments; stylish hotels; gastronomic adventures; yoga and meditation; massage and more massage; galleries and mystics; cultural awareness and fun-filled adventures.

Slow down; breathe easily; be playful; relax; become stronger; increase flexibility; expand creativity; heal, focus, and be tranquil.

Your vacation includes a series of Hatha yoga classes, deep relaxation sessions, meditation, massage, cooking, painting, dining out, exploring and lounging about.

Ideal for:
The Hatha yoga classes, deep relaxation sessions and meditation instruction are experiential and uncomplicated.

These methods are ideal for beginners as well as those who wish to ‘deepen’ their already established yoga practice.

People of all ages, body types, walks of life, professions and dispositions are welcome.

Participation in the classes is not compulsory. You do as you wish as long as it makes you feel wonderful!

You may be interested to know

Why I named this tour:
“A Noble Heart”?

This expression was used several times during a conversation I was having with a lovely young girl from Pacific World, Komang Pri. I realised as soon as I heard her say these words that they would become the very essence of this tour.

The definition from Komang's perspective and in her own words:

"A Noble heart for me means – someone who has a good heart; who is always thinking of the good side of everything; who never has a negative thought about others; who always sees the world in a positive way and even forgives the person who has treated him badly or with no respect. He will never treat them badly or do the same to them. He will face him wisely with his gentle smile and wise words and explain nicely. He will come to us whenever he knows that we have a problem, and will listen to our problem and give us a good advice, helping us to find a solution. He will always be thinking of helping those who are not lucky."

Very yogic I thought!


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